Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thompson v Bloomberg Debate #1 - Bloomies TKO's himself

Wow..the Thompson v King Bloomies debate wasn't even close!

Thompson was the clear winner. He was strong, factual and assertive while maintaining in his trademark likability. On the other hand, Bloomberg seemed shrunken, uncomfortable and evasive behind that masked disdain which has been his trademark.

It was a victory for Thompson on style as well as substance. But King Bloomies kinda beat himself up with his obvious lies, misrepresentations, Republican views and strange comments. Check out some of these gems:

- Insults El Museo and Latinos w/terrible, terrible Spanish
- Lies that he's never had a manicure/pedicure
- States that the city is a mixture and not a mosaic(?)
- Raves that Giuliani would make a great governor
- Claims no one's being forced to leave NYC due to rising costs
- Way prefers Joe Bruno over Pedro Espada for Senate Majority Leader
- Suggests that Ray Kelly is indispensable
- Confides that 'friends' asked him to overturn term limits
- Misrepresented his involvement in pension decisions
- Doesn't answer if schools are 55% better (as per budget increases)
- Blatantly distorts Thompson's role w/the public schools
- Doesn't deny buying political party lines
- Doesn't deny spending $200 million to win a 3rd term
- Supporting a 'stop n search' program that targets people of color
- Claims that his $235 million in grants to city nonprofit groups did not buy him silence or endorsements; and that grantees don't even know he's the donor

No wonder King Bloomies is kept under tight wraps, the man is, politically speaking, an idiot. W/o his billions he'd never ever come close to win citywide office nor even councilman from the silk stocking district.

Eight is way more than enough for this bozo.

Click here for the full Thompson v Bloomberg NY1 Debate at El Museo del Barrio