Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Zoe Colon New ED of Mamaroneck's Hispanic Resource Center

Zoe M. Colon, MPA, 30, former program manager at the Carver Center in Port Chester, has been appointed executive director of the Hispanic Resource Center (HRC), a 10-year-old immigrant social service agency in Mamaroneck.

Colon received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in urban studies and psychology from Barnard College and a Master of Public Administration degree, specializing in non-profit management and policy, from New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service.

She succeeds Mariana Boneo, who resigned in March after three years as executive director, helping HRC achieve record financial support and a position as one of the leaders in the Mamaroneck/Larchmont social service community.

HRC served more than 1,500 clients in the past year. Its primary activities are traditional social services for individuals and families, educational classes and workshops that are occupationally helpful and aid in immigrant integration in the community, and special services for day laborers.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Injured Undocumented Workers Awarded $3.85MM

Three undocumented workers (two Mexicans and an Ecuadorian) have been awarded $3.85 million in damages for New York construction-site accidents.
"All three cases involve construction and terribly unsafe working conditions. We're here today to re-emphasize -- as we have in the past -- to the Latino community and all undocumented workers that they have the same rights once they're on the job as any New York citizen." Brian O'Dwyer, Attorney
This is a bit of good news in an otherwise ugly chapter in the treatment of immigrant workers in America. It's been well-documented that many construction companies often skirt government safety rules for their undocumented workers. As a result, these workers--which are heavily Latino--suffer a disproportionate number of construction site related injuries and fatalities.

Hopefully, these awards are the beginning of righting a terrible wrong. By making it financially painful, business--at least those in NYC--will have to think twice before deciding to ignore safety standards when deploying immigrant workers.

Undocumented workers awarded $3.85 million in accidents
The Tepeyac Association
Latino Immigrants Build NYC's Towers & Pay With Their Lives

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cesar Perales & The Latino Struggle

Civil rights leader Cesar Perales recently went to Washington, D.C. to offer his opinion on the woman who may become the next Supreme Court justice. It's the latest chapter in an illustrious career which includes city, state and federal government work, plus helping those who can't help themselves through LatinoJustice, a civil rights agency he founded in the early 1970's.

All Latinos in New York--indeed, in the country--owe a deep measure of gratitude to Cesar Perales, a tireless fighter for Latino rights. Borikua. Americano. Hero.

Cesar Perales On The Latino Struggle:

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