Saturday, June 20, 2009

Injured Undocumented Workers Awarded $3.85MM

Three undocumented workers (two Mexicans and an Ecuadorian) have been awarded $3.85 million in damages for New York construction-site accidents.
"All three cases involve construction and terribly unsafe working conditions. We're here today to re-emphasize -- as we have in the past -- to the Latino community and all undocumented workers that they have the same rights once they're on the job as any New York citizen." Brian O'Dwyer, Attorney
This is a bit of good news in an otherwise ugly chapter in the treatment of immigrant workers in America. It's been well-documented that many construction companies often skirt government safety rules for their undocumented workers. As a result, these workers--which are heavily Latino--suffer a disproportionate number of construction site related injuries and fatalities.

Hopefully, these awards are the beginning of righting a terrible wrong. By making it financially painful, business--at least those in NYC--will have to think twice before deciding to ignore safety standards when deploying immigrant workers.

Undocumented workers awarded $3.85 million in accidents
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