Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Latinos for Liu -- VOTE TODAY!!!

New York's El Diario has endorsed John Liu for NYC Comptroller (A vote for John Liu - Sptember 21, 2009) in today's run-off election. El Diario's reasoning is straightfoward:

1. Liu is exceptionally qualified.

"Liu spent 14 years in the financial sector, where he worked as an actuary for pension funds. He combines this impressive professional background with eight years of city government experience."

2. Liu is independent.

"As comptroller, Liu would bring more energy and independence to the table than Yassky. He has actively questioned the numbers put forth by agencies like the MTA and the city’s Department of Education and held them accountable for self-serving reports."

3. Liu is no King Bloomie pushover.

"Liu voted against King Bloomie’s undoing of term limits, while his opponent flushed his 'reformer' credentials down and voted against the voters hard fought reforms."

4. Liu is inclusive with a record of fighting for all of use constituents.

"Liu is passionately committed to increasing opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses. His campaign has excited and mobilized Asian voters. But he also appeals to a broad range of New Yorkers." While his opponent, "despite representing communities like Williamsburg...being suffocated by soaring rents, showed little interest in meeting with a coalition of 40 Latino, Black and Jewish organizations that were shut out of the Broadway Triangle planning process."

John Liu for NYC Comproller '09
John Liu: One For All video